About Baoneng Group

        The headquarters of Baoneng Group is located in Shenzhen. Established in the year 1992, Baoneng Group has always devoted itself to exploring perfect integration of industry & finance, and industry & cities, and to seek for a balance between industry and finance by virtue of relevant diversified industry development in order to realize a sustainable development of its main businesses. At present, with legal operation, scientific management, and powerful company strength, Baoneng Group is the holding shareholder for Baocheng Share (SH600892), and the second major shareholder for Shenzhen Zhenye Share (SZ000006).
        Currently, Baoneng has distributed its businesses around 28 most vitality cities in China and formulated its nationwide development pattern so as to make further efforts to promote its “4+X” industrial fields: urban comprehensive real estate development, modern logistic industry, cultural tourism and financial industry as its core businesses, and green agriculture, health care, education and elderly care as the strategic industry for people’s livelihood.
        Depending on “4+X” industry mode, Baoneng Group will provide the clients with integrated high-end service platform. On the basis of basic yield earned from fixed assets, Baoneng Group will develop into a comprehensive enterprise group with high-end value-added services as its main growth goal.
        In the field of comprehensive real estate development, Baoneng Group has about 40 projects in different construction and operation stages in the year of 2013. In addition, Baoneng Group will continue to enhance its large-scale real estate mode and make unremitting efforts to promote industrial real estate and new district development strategy from the international vision so as to make itself become the first-class domestic developer and operator in residential real estate, commercial real estate, industrial real estate, tourism and elderly services.
        Baoneng Group will continuously develop its financial and people’s livelihood industry. The innovative domestic insurance company established by Baoneng Group---Qianhai Life Insurance has followed a good development trend in rapid expansion. Besides, Baoneng Group also witnesses a fast promotion in its agriculture, education and healthcare industries.
        Pursuant to the enterprise principles of “Developing Industry and Rewarding Society” and for the purpose of promoting such idea as mutual efforts, mutual support and mutual benefit, Baoneng Group has cultivated its excellent enterprise culture and brand. Meanwhile, it has well received by people from all walks of life by virtue of conducting honest operation and honoring social responsibilities. Actually, Baoneng Group has won many awards like “2013 Top 10 Valuable Chinese Real Estate Brands” and “Award for Non-public Enterprise’s Outstanding Contribution in Social Poverty Alleviation in Guangdong Province”. President of Baoneng Group, Mr. Yao Zhenhua has been entitled “Compassionate Entrepreneur” for many times.

        Baoneng Group will give full play to its comprehensive advantages such as management experience, innovation spirit and capital strength, further reinforce the introduction of the first-class talents from international communities and the improvement of modern management technology through its open mind and complete strategies, and enhance the management mode and business system in order to finish its transformation into internationalized comprehensive group company and to realize its future vision as the first-class enterprise with its own prominent brand.

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